DIY Halloween Tombstone Decor




Office decorating competition! These kind of events just warm my heart. First, there’s nothing better than going to work and having some holiday cheer around you (no matter what holiday that might be). Second, decorating with your work mates can really bring everyone closer together for some laughs and creativity.

I especially love decorating the office for Halloween because, at home, I tend to decorate for a more neutral autumn theme. So nothing gets too spooky in my house! But at work- now that’s a different story. This year my section of the office decided to go for a haunted graveyard theme. And what’s a graveyard without tombstones? So I took it upon myself to make some spooky, funny tombstones to liven up the graveyard! (tehehe ‘liven up’… get it?) The best part is, they cost me NOTHING but an hour of my time!

Now, I’m an avid DIYer so supplies are normally just hanging around my house somewhere. But to make these spooky gravestones, you will need some large paper, black spray paint and some black sharpie markers. For paper I use large recycled paper that we had at the office already, but you can go to the dollar tree and get some white poster board.

First I drew the shape of the tombstone on the paper with Sharpie and then wrote what I wanted the tombstone to say. You can find some pretty funny tombstone jargon on the internet! I took the paper outside and spray painted. You want the spray paint to be more of a mist over the paper. To do this,  I held the bottle about a foot to 2 feet away from the paper. Outline the edges a little darker and then messily paint the center to give it that old textured look. After drying, cut the tombstone out and vua lah! You’ve got yourself some spooky gravestones.

All of the other little accessories you see in the pictures (the zombie, cobwebs, skeletons, etc.) are from the Dollar Tree or Five Below. As a total, we spent about $20 decorating the whole row!

Hope you all enjoyed my DIY office Halloween decor and were able ot get some inspiration for your spooky decorations! Let me know what you think about the DIY tombstones in the comments below!