DIY Fall Wreath Garland




Now the fun can REALLY begin!! This fall wreath garland is the first DIY of the season. AND it can be arranged in two different ways- like a wreath to hang out on a wall or door, or like a garland to garnish a dining room mirror or across a fireplace mantel! Whatever suites your fancy.

First things first. Let’s get you set up with what you are going to need. All of my supplies where from Joann Fabrics and the Dollar Tree and cost me no more than $15! (unless you want to buy some more expensive garnish to go on your wreaths)

Dollar Tree:

  • 3 or 4 bunches of fall foliage (you can choose flowers or fall leaves of your choice)
    • The Dollar Tree has so many fall flowers to pick from. This is where you can get creative and make the craft all yours- large flowers, small flowers, leaves, daisies, red, yellow, orange- get creative! I chose the smaller sized red and orange mums for my wreaths.
  • 4 natural willow wreaths in size small
    • I found some small wicker wreaths in my closet but I’ve attached a link to the set of wreaths above. And you can also find these are Michaels or Joann Fabrics too, if you like that one’s they have better than the Dollar Tree.
    • Click here for link to Dollar Tree wreaths!

Joann Fabrics:

  • Wooden Letters that spell “fall”
    • The letter must be a little bit larger than the inside diameter of the willow wreaths from the Dollar Tree so I suggest you take the wreath into the store with you to buy the correct size letters.
  • Ribbon (one burlap 1.5” thick and an optional .5” thick accent ribbon)
    • I chose a burlap ribbon and a skinny orange plaid ribbon. The smaller ribbon isn’t completely necessary. I thought it’d be a nice accent over the burlap ribbon and bring out the colors of the mums. The seasonal ribbons should be on sale for 50% or more at this point in the season so you should have a lot of fun ribbons to choose from for good prices.
  • Paint
    • This is all dependent on your preference. I chose a black spray paint to paint my wooden letters. However, you can paint yours on with a brush and use whatever color you want as well!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors or wire cutter
  • 12 inches of wire

That’s it for supplies. We’re ready to begin!

First, paint your letters. We want them to dry while we’re prepping the flowers and the ribbon. Take your bunch of flowers and cut below the flower head about an inch or so. Do this to as many flowers as you think you’ll use on each wreath. This will differ for everyone depending on how large your flowers are and how many you want to use.

Next, we will be making the ribbon to go around the wreath. If you have chosen to use a smaller accent ribbon, then line the small ribbon up on the center of the larger ribbon. Place a dab of glue about every 3 inches along the center of the large ribbon and press the small accent ribbon in place. Do this for the entire length of your ribbon(s).

After preparing the ribbon, you will be gluing the letters onto the wreaths. It’s important how you glue the letters on because of the way we will be assembling everything in later steps. Put a generous dot just on the corners of the wooden letters (as seen below). We want the center of the letter to be free of glue so that we can run the ribbon through this area.

After the letters are glued and the glue has dried, you can begin to figure out how you would like your wreath to be situated- in a vertical or horizontal pattern. This will be important for the placement of your flowers- the vertical orientation will only allow for the flowers to be place on the sides on the wreath. Whereas, the horizontal orientation will allow for flower all around the wreath except for the top. After you have decided, gather up all of the flowers that you had cut and begin to figure out the placement. I like setting the flowers on the wreaths first to make sure I like the design and placement.

REMEMBER: If you have chosen the VERTICAL layout, the flowers must only be situated on the sides of the letters so that you can insert the ribbon around the tops and bottoms of the wreaths. Only the last letter “L” can have flowers around the bottom of the wreath. If you have chosen the HORIZONTAL layout, you may glue you flower around all of the wreaths expect for the tops.

Adhere the flowers and any accent pieces you are using.

Next, is putting your garland or wreath together. Follow the instruction below that suits your design.

Garland (horizontal)

Lay your wreaths out side-by-side and lay the prepared ribbon above them. Make sure the ribbon extends past the wreaths about a foot and a half on each side. Then, from left to right tie the ribbon around the top of the wreaths one-by-one. Try to keep the wreaths centered on the ribbon.

Wreath (vertical)

Lay the wreaths facing downwards positioned up and down on a table. Make sure the letters are in the correct order to spell out ‘fall’. On each wreath, slide the ribbon in the space that you left between the wreath and the wooden letter. Tightly wrap the ribbon around the bottom and the top of the next wreath down. Make sure the wreaths lay flat, then glue and cut the ribbon. Do this to each wreath.

Creating the bow for the top of the wreath (only for vertical wreath)

Follow the illustrations below. Cut about a 9 inch piece of wire before you start to put together the bow. Roll up the rest of the ribbon that you created. Lay it on the table and unroll an 8 inches tail. Make your first loop on the ribbon about 3 inches. This will be the center of your bow. Twist the bottom of the loop. Make it nice and tight. Unravel more ribbon and create the next loop. Make this about an inch longer than the center of your bow. Pinch the base of that loop and twist it again. Continue doing this and make each loop a little longer than the previous loop. Make sure that you twist each loop so that the top of the ribbon faces out.

My bow has 3 loops on each side but you can make yours have as many as you want. Once you get to the desired loops, unravel a little more ribbon and cut the bow loose from the spool. You then want to take your wire, loop it through the middle of your center loop, and then pull it down and around all of your pinches and twist it tight.

Attaching the bow to your wreath.

Slide the extra wire through the holes in the top of the “F” wreath and wrap tightly. Then do the same thing with a ribbon of string and tie a knot behind the bow. This will be for hanging.

At his point you can turn the wreaths around to the front and start adjusting and “puffing” up the bow to make it all pretty to hang!

Although this DIY seems to have a lot of steps, it a really easy and fun project to make and can really be a great accent to your already beautiful home!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!